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Benchmark.ai helps you to quickly identify changing trends in your own data and external market conditions and convert them into opportunities. We help you understand your own data and we will let you know when to act, so you will feel in control at all times.


Define realistic and profitable plans

Feeling in control gives you the opportunity to look forward. However, making plans and setting goals in a rapidly changing market is difficult. We help you make realistic and ROI-driven plans based on your own data, our market data and artificial intelligence.

Beat the benchmark

Outsmart competitors and crush your targets

No more uncertainty about your next step. Because it is our mission to give you the exact insights you need to make well informed decisions about the future. What’s your next step?

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Performance on key metrics
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Daily email overview e-commerce performance
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Anomaly detection
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Frequently asked

What do I need to get started?
You only have to integrate your Google Analytics 4 account and provide a product feed.
How long does it take to get insights?
Once you have connected your Google Analytics 4 account, it takes up to 24 hours to collect all your data and build the anomaly detection and forecast models. You will receive a notification once your data is available.
Why do I need Benchmark.ai next to my GA4 account?
  • Instead of just pinpointing anomalies in your revenue, Benchmark.ai provides insights into the likely origins of those anomalies.
  • You’re getting insights into the expected revenue for the upcoming weeks.
  • On top of that, you can compare your performance against your own targets & industry benchmarks.
Why is it important to add annotations?
A sale period, downtime or offline advertisements? Events like this provide valuable input for our anomaly and forecast models and will help you understand the impact of certain events on your revenue.
What is an action plan?
Ever wondered if it is a good idea to:
  • Decrease your free shipping threshold?
  • Start with an abandoned shopping cart?
  • Increase your ad spend on a certain campaign?

With Benchmark.ai PRO, we’re working on an action plan simulator that gives you the opportunity to calculate business cases (forecasted revenue & costs) based on your own data and our benchmark data.

About us

Benchmark.ai is founded by Bas Nieland and Siebren van Bruggen, both bringing more than 10 years of experience in e-commerce and digital marketing. Their goal with Benchmark.ai is simple: making sophisticated insights accessible and actionable in a way that's not just understandable but downright enjoyable.

Beat the benchmark
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